Handmade with Sunshine & Aloha

Aloha~and thank you for visiting Art of Sunshine Jewelry! I live on the beautiful island of Oahu, where I attend school at the University of Hawaii. Over the past few years living on the island, I have spend many weekends at the beach distressing from the long weeks in school. I found searching for shells and seaglass to be very therapeutic and inspired me to spend more time at the beach sifting through the sand. Eventually my small handfuls of shells grew to jars and I then decided to do something with them. During the past few years I have been perfecting my technique and working with new materials to bring you high-quality handmade jewelry. I am an aspiring artist, and thrive when putting my creative and artistic ability to work. I want to provide my customers with jewelry that captures the islands elegance and charisma. Each piece of jewelry is made with quality metals, semi precious stones and shells only native to the Hawaiian Islands. Both shells and seaglass are all found naturally in the waters surrounding Oahu and are not produced artificially. Wearing jewelry is an important part of my life, as I feel that I am radiating sunshine when wearing the pieces that I have made. I want every owner of Art of Sunshine Jewelry to feel the Aloha and Sunshine in every piece~

Thank you for visiting xx

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